"After searching the internet for countless hours looking for a shark carving I came across Bill Munn’s website.  The pictures looked too good to be true.  I emailed him and he sent me pictures of a shark he was working on for a client.  I asked him if he would carve a reef shark for me.  As work progressed he would send me update pictures and it was great to watch it evolve.  When it I arrived I was blown away by the quality of the wood and the base, the craftsmanship and the attention to detail. I fell in love with my shark.  I then ordered a hammerhead, then a duet of manta rays and then a solo large manta.  I literally look at them every day and am in awe that someone has the ability to create such beautiful pieces.  I cherish them."

Craig G.
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Fine wood sculptures

Custom orders

Searching for a wooden wall-mounted sculpture of a ray I came across http://www.munnoriginals.com, and I was awestruck. I emailed Bill Munn, asking about one of his amazing sculptures, and he kindly provided me with photos and updates of ‘my’ ray before shipping.

The packaging was done extremely well, and the stingray arrived in perfect condition.

The stingray I bought is exceedingly beautiful and elegant, and the attention to detail and finish is extraordinary. It is such a pleasure to look at and touch, and it is much more than a sculpture made of wood to me.

Bill Munn is an incredible artist, and I cannot recommend him highly enough!

 By the way walking with a Feeler is very relaxing – everybody should try it.


"Bill Munn's carvings are exquisite works of art, each of which is also elegant, beautiful, life-like and impeccably prepared. They truly are priceless and everyone should have at least one to enjoy. We own several carvings ourselves, such as a gorgeous shark, a manta ray and an adorable trio of three-dimensional geckos. Every single carving is individually perfect and brings pleasure to us whenever we look at it."

Al and Maggie Glade, New York

"My Bill Munn's carving is very special. A unique, handsome sculpture of 'cousins' the manta ray and shark, which gives me great visual and tactile pleasure. A constant reminder of the beauty and strength of these great sea creatures. The craftsmanship is extraordinary. A memorable 60th birthday present."

Jim Bradfield, Australia

​"While in Palau, I wanted to buy something special for my husband's birthday and Bill Munn was recommended to me as the best wood carver. Our initial meeting gave me the confidence to commission him to do a piece for me, but I wanted something different to the sea life that he does so beautifully. 

Seeing the Bob Marley piece inspired me to request a Palauan chief's head, something that bespoke of the 'spirit' of the Palauan people. When my husband and I saw the finished product, we knew that Bill had achieved this. It left us rather speechless at the deep pride that seemed to emanate from the wood: the chief, as if in mid-sentence, seemed to be saying 'I welcome you.' Thank you Bill, for giving us something that reflects the 'spirit' of these people."

Sharon Julian

Auckland, New Zealand

"Often when passing the table where my beautiful reef shark seems to swirl over the burlwood base and my elegant manta ray is poised in mid-soar, I stop to stroke them. I tell myself I'm checking for any speck of dust or smoothing the lovingly buffed wood to see if it needs a light stroking of oil . Really, it's a tactile response to the sensuously silky feel of these lovely sea creatures – they give pleasure to look at and to touch, each one unique, each true to nature, each an original work of art. Exceedingly well made, artist Bill, I get such enjoyment from them and I thank you."
MB, West Coast

"Pat and I both love the sculpture of the female manta ray. You've exquisitely captured the sense of movement, both in the manta ray itself and the base. The sculpture just invites one to touch it, which we do frequently. You also did an excellent job in packing it for shipping. It arrived in excellent condition. Thank you so much."

Marian Herz and Pat Morrell

"Bill's work and artistic craftsmanship is outstanding. His sculpture seems almost ... alive! His true appreciation of nature is reflected in his work. My manta sculpture sits prominently on my mantelpiece and is a source of constant visual pleasure. A beautiful reminder of an outstanding experience with these great creatures and a wonderful piece of art." 

John Migliaccio

White Plains, New York

​"Your carving of the manta ray flying over the piece of coral is the centerpiece exhibited in my living room, outdoing the collection of antique weapons and other sundries that hang on the walls. My visitors always compliment the artistry and workmanship of the sculpture and my son and heir has been informed not to get rid of it when I kick the bucket, but keep it as a memory of his old man that still has a taste for adventure and travels to places most of the people have never even heard of."

Heinz Schenker

"We are extremely pleased with a montage carving of Bill Munn's – a manta ray and a shark swimming over the reef. Very well carved and the reef adds a very realistic touch."

Les and Audrey Staples

"Dear Chef Bill, 

Your manta ray carving has received numerous very favorable comments and I received it about 3/4 days after Easter after my return. I have it displayed on a table in my family room as it is totally visible from every vantage point in the room. Once again best of everything with your carvings and I look forward to seeing what you'll be doing next. Perhaps a very nice blue marlin might be in the future."

Gene Detmer