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This website is different from most wood sculpting or wood carving sites. There is no stockpile of carvings imported from impoverished countries. The work is mine alone and many hours are spent on each piece.
The purpose of this website is to show a few examples of my work and to allow anyone interested in having something created for them to contact me. Most of my work is commissioned by art lovers, collectors and scuba diving enthusiasts. My clients are always kept in the loop with regular updates and photos of the work in progress. Each unique piece is signed and numbered, as long as it doesn't detract from the work.
All works are created from a solid piece of local, sustainable hardwood and are finished only with clear wax or Tung oil. There is no colour added, no varnish or stain. The natural beauty of the grain is allowed to speak for itself.
The sea life pieces are species specific and as anatomically correct as I can get them. A shark, for example, is not a generic shape. There is a vast difference in form and fin positions between a grey reef shark, a white tip reef shark, a tiger shark, even between a scalloped hammerhead and a great hammerhead.
The manta rays are Manta birostris simply because I enjoyed several years scuba diving with them in Yap and Palau, Micronesia. The tails of the mantas are detachable and I always include a spare.
It is my hope that my love of nature, particularly marine life, comes through in my work and that they bring you some measure of the joy they give me. It is not easy to part with any of them.
Check out my blog, visit the contact page, send a note, and we can discuss the details of your own original piece.
Thank you,
Bill Munn